Why Bitnote?

We created BitNote because we ran into an annoying problem: where do you store secret information?

The traditional advice is to use a fireproof safe that is bolted to the ground in a hidden place in your house. That’s great advice if you’re Batman. Unfortunately, for the rest of us that kind of physical security is not really feasible.

Many people turn to centralized password managers like 1Password or Lastpass. Not only can these have pricey subscriptions and the threat of going out of business, they can also have a lot of security issues. And because they are not open source, you never really know what’s going on with your data.

Even open source alternatives like Bitwarden can have frustrating flaws, like the ability to permanently delete your vault if someone gets access to your email or having access blocked because you use a VPN. 

We’ve seen people store sensitive information in their Apple, Google, or Microsoft accounts (only sometimes encrypted), but what happens when they randomly decide to ban you or you get locked out of your account? Or worse, someone steals your phone and pin and now has access to everything.

We’ve seen people concoct crazy “security” practices like this poor soul, who split his crypto seedphrase between four excel files only to lose the data in a harddrive crash.

Even people who have high technical competency, like Bitcoin core developers, can have questionable security practices leading to hacks.

We searched for something that could store our secrets safely that would solve these issues. Decentralized, censorship resistant, permissionless, open source, private, permanent storage that is highly secure but easily usable and accessible. And we didn’t find it. So we built BitNote.

BitNote is built with simple, time tested technology: HTML, CSS, and Javascript. No frameworks. The entire app comes in well under 1MB in total size and is very fast. It’s designed to have no centralized dependencies and be resilient for many years to come––a "forever machine."

What's next? On the roadmap we're excited to solve the next big problem: how do you automatically pass down your important information if something happens to you? Decentralized succession will unlock a number of new, important use cases.


Protect Your Secrets. Forever.

Ultra-secure notes powered by blockchain.

No Subscriptions
End-to-end encrypted

Why Bitnote

Private & Secure

BitNote uses strong end-to-end encryption to ensure your data is protected and for your eyes only. AES-256 is authorized for the US government’s transmission of top secret information.


Ensure your secrets get passed down automatically if anything happens to you, without relying on a central authority.


BitNote is a protocol, not a company. We have designed the system with no single points of failure and to last for many years––a "forever machine."


BitNote has been successfully audited by Cure53, a highly experienced cybersecurity firm.


No one can stop you from accessing your data, and no one has the ability to block or delete your account.

Open Source

Under the BSL License, BitNote's code is publicly available to review. The protocol will automatically transition to an open source license on May 1st, 2028.


Your data is stored encrypted across many nodes on the blockchain, ensuring you don’t have to worry about it being lost or expired.

No Subs

There are no subscriptions or ongoing fees. You pay just once to save a note and viewing a note is free.


Our completely on-chain referral system lets you earn 30% of the protocol fees your referrals generate. Automatically, forever.

How it Works

Step 1

Create & Save Secure Text Notes on the Blockchain

Your data is protected with strong end-to-end encryption. All encryption is done locally, and BitNote never sees the content of your notes. BitNote runs on a client/blockchain model, there are no central servers.

Pay once, access forever

100% open source

E2E encrypted

Step 2

Safely Access Your Data Anywhere

Your encrypted notes are automatically stored securely on the blockchain forever (or until you delete them). You never have to worry about losing your notes or having them be out of sync across devices. View your notes from any device with a browser.

Built to last

Censorship resistant

Access on any device

Step 3

Sharing & Succession

Notes can be easily shared securely with other BitNote users. You can set "succession rules" for notes that allow users to receive its contents under certain conditions.

Encrypted, secure sharing

Decentralized succession

Privacy focused — no data collected


More Features


Ensure your secrets get passed down automatically if anything happens to you.

Coming Soon


Share your secrets safely and easily with other BitNote users.

Now Available

Local Client

Run a copy of BitNote locally so that you don't have to rely on the website.

Now Available

Cold Wallet Generator

Easily create and store “cold” crypto wallets for long term digital asset storage.

Now Available

Import & Export

BitNote allows notes to be easily imported and exported, ensuring data is never locked in.

Now Available

Keyboard Shortcuts

Access core functions for searching, creating, and saving notes with quick keyboard shortcuts.

Now Available

Mobile App

Download the app for your phone through the "add to homescreen" function in your mobile browser.

Now Available

Referral System

BitNote's on-chain referral system lets you earn 30% of the protocol fees your referrals generate. Automatically, forever.

Now Available

Security Key Support

BitNote supports secure, decentralized account access through security keys (e.g. Yubikeys).

Now Available

Decentralized Website

The entire app will be stored directly on the blockchain to further decentralize.

Coming Soon

Open Source Contributions

All of BitNote is open source. We're excited for others to reuse novel elements we've built in BitNote, including:

A method to do fully on-chain, secure usernames/passwords that don't require external libraries or relying on web3 wallets

A fully on-chain referral program that can continuously pay referrers upon certain actions that referrals take

A lightweight method of calculating the cost to brute force a given user password

Fully decentralized authentication system that supports both hardware security keys and usernames/passwords.

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